Who We Are?

we are new tehnology tester

We experiment with people’s inventions.
If we like it, we will write about it and share it with people.
What technology do we need? We will write down which technology is wasting time.

Now let's find out about our latest electric scoote



The rear wheel uses a large perforated brake disc, which increases braking force
The front wheels are equipped with a B-FGS reversing brake system. When
Activates the front and rear brakes and shortens them alternately
Brake battery for safe stopping.




Improves overall drilling resistance and strength,
Explosion-proof tires have also been optimized. The
9.5 “7 times the power of the wheel. And not only that
Designed for smooth ride on flat roads and very comfortable on dirt roads
roads such as gravel, dirt roads, and grass.



The high brightness of the new 4B light effectively improves safety
fall at night. The angle of the light beam has a new design that retains the light
Under the eyes to avoid glare

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