How Electric Scooters are Transforming Mongolian Cities

Mongolia has come a long way. From “barbarian” nomads on horses with bows, to living in traditional yurts, the global urban mobility landscape is undergoing a transformative shift. With the increasing emphasis on sustainability, convenience, and reducing urban congestion, electric scooters have emerged as a popular and efficient mode of transport.

In cities around the world, from Los Angeles to Lisbon, electric scooters have gained traction, offering a modern solution to age-old urban challenges. But how is this trend playing out in Mongolian cities? Let’s explore the journey of electric scooters in Mongolia, with a special focus on Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC, a pioneering force in this sector.

Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC Starts Scooter Rentals in Ulaanbaatar

Taking cues from global urban centers, Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC introduced a groundbreaking scooter rental service in Ulaanbaatar. The initial plan was ambitious, aiming to have 3,000 scooters adorning the streets and squares of the city. Launching with a strategic approach, the firm set out 700 scooters on a trial basis. The phased rollout is geared to gauge demand and finetune the organizational structure, ensuring a seamless experience for users once the full fleet is deployed.

Embracing the ‘Ninebot’ Experience

The electric scooter chosen for Ulaanbaatar’s urban explorers is the ‘Ninebot’ model. But it isn’t just any scooter; the Ninebot is integrated with cutting-edge technology. Each scooter is equipped with a smart system, connected to a specialized application, and features a locator for easy tracking. People mostly use Jet scooters for their commute to work and school, saving them from the issues of traffic jams. But nowadays technological advancements like the job posting platform save time for people going to job interviews.

To enjoy the Ninebot experience, riders must install the “Jet Scooter” application on their smartphones and register an account. The user-friendly app requires an initial wallet load of 4,000 MNT. Once the wallet is topped up, riders can embark on their journey by simply scanning a QR code located on the scooter’s steering wheel. The cost structure is transparent: 500 MNT for the first minute and 200 MNT for every subsequent minute. To put it into perspective, a deposit of 4,000 MNT grants an 18-minute exhilarating ride through Ulaanbaatar’s streets.

This app-based control system isn’t unique to Mongolia. Countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, and Uzbekistan have successfully implemented similar scooter rental services, leveraging specialized applications for efficient operations.

Challenges on the Horizon

However, every innovation comes with its set of challenges. Shortly after Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC introduced the scooter rental service, they faced issues related to violations. Instances of scooters being stolen and GPS systems being tampered with were reported. Another challenge was the improper parking of scooters by users in unmarked areas, deviating from the guidelines provided by the company.

According to the established protocol, users are instructed to park scooters only in designated areas highlighted in the application. To ensure compliance, users are also required to take a photograph of the parked scooter and share it via the app. Regrettably, some riders overlooked these instructions, leading to inconvenience for both the company and other users.

To address theft and misplacement, Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC’s scooters come with a robust tracking mechanism. If a scooter goes missing, the controllers can promptly trace it. Registered users involved in such violations face repercussions, including potential blacklisting.

Rules of the Ride

Understanding the responsibility that comes with introducing a novel transport mode, Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC has rolled out a set of guidelines for scooter users. The service is designed exclusively for adults, ensuring safety. Additionally, riders are prohibited from sharing a scooter or entering restricted areas highlighted in red on the app’s map. More importantly, users are continually reminded to respect traffic regulations and prioritize their safety during rides.


The introduction of electric scooters by Jet Sharing Mongolia LLC in Ulaanbaatar signifies a momentous shift in the urban mobility landscape. While the journey has seen both excitement and challenges, the potential for electric scooters to reshape Mongolian cities is immense. As the service expands and more residents embrace this mode of transport, it will be pivotal for both providers and users to work collaboratively, ensuring that scooters don’t just offer a ride but contribute to a sustainable, efficient, and vibrant urban future for Mongolia.