Staying Safe in Scooter Outings

Sometimes don’t you just feel like feeling the air and wind in your hair. Riding around with your scooter without any purpose, while not necessarily being without a purpose, is a great feeling. However, besides traffic there are a few things that you should keep in mind to stay safe. Unlike cars or motorcycles etc scooters are slower and doesn’t offer the protection that other vehicles do.

Drive Off The Road

Riding your scooter off the road is the most important safety tip. With smartphones and all the distractions in the world, you never know the recklessness of drivers. Even if you are riding in a bike lane, there are risks of getting hit. So, the pavement or far away from the road is something crucial you should keep in mind.

Bike lanes or worse roads for the matter, you will have vehicles and cars driving at faster speeds and sometimes the drivers can get distracted with many things besides just paying attention on the road. If the bike has railing or protective barrier, then it is safer, but be wary of drivers. Lastly, don’t ride your scooter recklessly. Use hand signals when you are turning left or right so that people behind you know where you are going to turn at least.

Carry EDC Knife

In case of emergencies, an EDC knife could be something to consider. It can deter attackers or if you need to cut through rope, etc, it’s always a handy tool to have.

Evatac knife is actually free, so you don’t have to spend money on such things. Some of designs come with wrenches and screw drivers, so in case you need to fasten bolts or screws, an EDC knife can be very handy for such occasions.

Fully Charge Your Scooter

While you can manually ride your scooter and pedal your way, if you are far from home and have been riding longer distances, it can take a long time to get back home where you can charge your scooter. Always know how much battery and charge you have.

Most scooters are equipped with batteries that can go 15-20 miles, so when going long distances, pay attention to the battery charge. Better yet, you could bring your charger with you. Gas stations and businesses can be nice enough for you to use your charger on an outlet.

If you will be riding away from people without help, then it’s better to bring a separate battery pack and charge your batteries fully. Cold weather actually interferes with the batteries, so it’s advisable not to ride during cold weather.