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“The modern application in the 21st century is the electric scooter.”

– John Dood (New tehnology tester)

What did the blogger say about ELECTRIC SCOOTER?

An electric scooter is the easiest way for me to get to work without wasting time in traffic jams. On the first day of use, I forgot about the congestion in the city and stayed home for a few minutes. In fact, I only recharged it once, and I had no problems traveling all day. There were no problems with carrying it, and it was modern technology.


Can You Do a Delivery Service on Scooters?

One of the most important parts of doing a delivery is transportation. A lot of stores and service businesses are delivering their products through various kinds of delivery methods. As the COVID-19 infection rate is still high all around the world, the best way to get your desired products is

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Staying Safe in Scooter Outings

Sometimes don’t you just feel like feeling the air and wind in your hair. Riding around with your scooter without any purpose, while not necessarily being without a purpose, is a great feeling. However, besides traffic there are a few things that you should keep in mind to stay safe.

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Things That Look Like A Scooter

Standing desk chair Weird how a standing desk chair looks very similar to a scooter even though it has nothing in common with it besides the seat. You can find standing desk chairs that look like a scooter seat and even feel like one. Funny enough, I bought one of

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How Safe Are Electric Scooters

So you are about to buy a new scooter or perhaps bought one already and before embarking on your first journey, you’re wondering how safe these things actually are? Let’s get into it. Should you were a helmet/paddings Should you? Yes, you should for

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When I started using it, I was never late for work. I charged it once and left it all day without any problems. Power: 300W• Speed: max. 25 km / h (two driving levels) 15km and 25km• Maximum angle of climb: 12 °• Battery capacity: 7.5 Ah, 36V• Battery type:

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The electric scooter is really easy and light to carry. It only takes 2 seconds to use and another 2 seconds to retrieve.


It's really nice to have a new bright color in terms of appearance. For me, color is very important and I like new things. The electric scooter seems to have it all.

Electric Scooter

For me, Electric Scooter is the easiest technology to travel the longest distance in modern times.

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